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In an effort to keep Sports Schedule Pro a FREE program Leisure Time Software is seeking a few advertisers to sponser the program.

Sports Schedule Pro is a complete sports schedule program which contains all of the schedules for all of the teams in Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football.

Currently Leisure Time Software is seeking an advertising sponsors for the program in an effort to keep the program free to the end users. There are 4 advertising spots available within Sports Schedule Pro. There is a full screen 10 second ad spot at program start up. There is also a banner type ad spot just above the calendar and below the month block. These are permanent advertising spots within Sports Schedule Pro. The ads can be updated, changed, alternated or removed based on the needs of the advertiser. The front ad spot is a $1.00 ad and the banner is $.50. All of these ads can be hot ads, which would allow the user to click through to an internet site.

Sports Schedule Pro offers a variety of ways for you to participate. From an upfront ad in Sports Schedule Pro to a day ad on the monthly calendar, we believe that our superior product will help make your business more successful through advertising in our software.

We offer three basic packages which can be adjusted to meet your needs:

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