Apply for the "Worth Surfing Award"

Requirements for "Worth Surfing Award":

  • Only sites that benefit society or the individual in some way are eligible. We prefer sites that are informative or fun rather then just a lot of animated graphics bouncing around, but any well designed page is okay.
  • No ADULTS ONLY content sites!
  • i'M nOt CrAzY aBoUt PaGeS wRiTtEn LiKe ThIs. iT iS vErY hArD oN tHe EyEs.
  • Pages are judged on their creativity, overall impression and value to the community.
  • Pages must have more then just a collection of links.
  • Finally, if I do choose you as a winner, please provide a link back to my page

You may submit your page for consideration, or submit a friend's page. We may hunt the web and find sites on our own. Sites may be chosen every week, or at random intervals. Selected sites are listed in the Winners section of this site.

Fill out the following form and I will stop at your site. After visiting your site, I'll notify the winners by email. . All we ask is that you display the Worth Surfing Award with a link on your site. Should you find this form not working, drop me an email with the word "Award" in the Subject line, in the Body of your email type your name, the name of your page with a one line description and your URL. If you do not hear from me within a week, please check the winner's list. Sometimes I cannot get the award to you due to email PROTOCOL errors. If you are listed, that means you have been accepted as a winner and may download the award and display it on your site....

Your Name
Email Address (Required)
URL Address
Title of Your Home Page
One line Description
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What type of site do you have?

Include your link to Leisure Time Softare?
Does your email provider allow ATTACHED FILES?
How did you find Leisure Time Softare?

Please press the "I Want It Now" button only once. You will be notified via email within a day or two regarding your submission.

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